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Things I do
for Creative Brands


Logo Design.

Your logo helps people to distinguish your business from the rest. To help achieve a logo that encapsulates who you are and what you do, I create a bespoke strategy that identifies the visual elements of your brand. This can include the typography, colour, logo and style, all of which should be unique to your business.

Through expert logo design, it’s possible to influence the decisions of your audience by making it possible for them to identify who you are. With the consistent design, I give your business a personality and an image. From small to large businesses, it’s worth investing in your logo and a designer who can make your business more attractive, memorable and professional. At Ann Designs, I can make all of this happen and help to drive your business forward.


Brand Style Guide.

Brand style is about giving your business an identity. It’s about consistency, an image and cohesiveness. With our expertise, I bring all of these things together by helping to create a brand style guide that brings all elements of your business together. Consistency is crucial when running a business and getting recognized because it can become easy to get lost amongst competitors.

With my brand style guide service, I can help align your business goals with branding that runs right through the heart of your business and gets you recognized instantly.

User Interface

Website UI Design.

Your website is the beating heart of your business and I understand how important it is to give your visitors and customers exactly what they want and need. I can create stunningly beautiful websites that keep visitors connected with your business.

Through immersive design, visitors will feel drawn to your website, providing them with a seamless browsing experience that looks and feels right in every possible way. To achieve the right design, I work closely with our clients to understand their industry and their clients. I then get creative by designing a website that captures your business and branding with precision.

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